Words once my saviour
My protector
My defense
My clarity
Calm refuge in text
Melodious phrasing
Vibrant metaphor
Images shaped by letters
Even twisted clichés

But now
Words betray me in their impotence

11058914073_ba55f8e8b3_mToo weak
Too simple
Too many
Too few
Too plain
Too late
Too raw

Words stock no comfort and no shade
Fall randomly
Rubbery and indistinct
Ricochet in silence
Wisps of stories
Dribble on chafed lips

Nonverbal in this
Just feeling
Pain, loss, anger, relief, despair, hope, sorrow, peace
Cycling anew
No messages enough
Slow motion
Smiles cap the ocean
An iceberg below




A future promise
Fresh lyrics distantly whispering
To enrobe me
Enrich me
Enfold me
Release me

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