I want to be strong. But I’m not.

I want to be sure and steady and stand up to the world, with no fear and no hesitation.

I want to be the girl who clearly follows her own path, because she knows that she must first be true to herself.

I want to reach out in the world, make a difference through all I do and all I say and always keep centered within, sure of my direction, my place, my purpose.

I want to connect, to be ‘here’ when I’m ‘here’, to know this moment is the one that matters, and so to live it not as I want it to be, but as it truly is.

I want to feel gratitude for the blessings I see and live each day… for the career, the home, the family, the friends, the shoes I walk in.

I want to tell it like it is, no filters, no doubt, no judgment but my own.

I want to look back one day with sage eyes, not because I have made no mistakes but because I have left no lesson unlearned.

I want to be strong.
But I’m not.

Am I?

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