A Moment

That’s what the voice on the tape said:

“A moment not to be missed”

Which moment?
This one.
And this one.
And this one too.

Snap to attention!
But gently. Savour the experience.
But don’t cling to the thoughts and feelings of the experience.

I don’t get it.

Except… sometimes I do.
Sometimes, it’s there, I feel it, it all makes sense, the past set free, the future open, the way clear… and then! –
I try to hold it.
A mistake.
In trying to hold it, it disappears,
I’m left wondering again what ‘it’ was. That vision only seen in my sleep, gone with the clarity of dawn.
Dancing around in my living room
Feeling beautiful until I try to be beautiful.

But it’s there.
I know it is.
And that peace, that presence
Can’t be chased down.
And that is beautiful.

And so a moment passes and I miss it, not paying attention

Until it stops me
and I start again.

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