Ground Up

Sometimes words are just words
Objectively interpreted
Derived from form
From structures
Not society

Ground Up

What does it mean?

The devastating pain
Of the puree of emotions
Raw ingredients
Crushed into silt
Carried away on a puff of air

Fragmented down
To the smallest of particles
Infused with every nuance
Sparing no feeling, no hurt
Until the elements
Are indistinguishable

Pulsing blades
Of what will emerge
From the mechanical whine
Grinding together good – bad – pleasure – pain – all the shades of light and dark
To an undifferentiated mess
All the somethings dissolving
Into the mess of nothing

Ground Up

Or could it be different?

A place to start
The baring of a soul
Allowing seeds to be planted
In hard earth
Yielding quietly to sharp determination
Opening reluctantly
Coaxed by kindness
To grow

Implied ascension
From a constructed base
A weary start
Hinting only softly
Of the lofty heights to come

Subtle and stable
Hard won territory
Supporting the load
Born of monotony and of magic
Bearing banality
Foretelling of sweeping views
Seen from on high

This dream just beginning
From the ground up.


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