Where Were You?

When one day
In the mirage that’s approaching ahead
You glance over your shoulder
When you look back on this day

What chime will echo?
What story will dance in your mind?
When, from the shimmer of distant tomorrow, you wistfully remember today…

Where were you?

Did you witness the blush of the ripening tomato?
Not ready but warm in the sun.
Did you see its round fullness?
Imagine the sweet nectar inside
Did your fingers brush gently the leaves?
Absorbing the aroma of bounty to come

Or did you pass by, intent only on perfect red fruit?

Did you listen with heightened attention
To the black fly abuzz in the darkening room?
Did you push back the instant aversion
Get curious about the spiralling dance
Did you notice it play in the corners?
How it bounced off the creamy white walls?
Did you sense when it focused on freedom?
A quick exit without any fuss
Then a potent relief of stillness in the wake

Or were you focused on dodgy annoyance, and shooing it out of your space?

Did you notice the weary drooped eyes
Of the neighbour you passed in the hall?
Did you hear the slow fall of his footsteps?
The practiced curve of his lips to a smile
Did you offer expressions of comfort?
A word or a sign or a glance
Did you choose to engage with connection?
To share in the cadence of life

Or did you pass by without looking at all?

When you come to the end of this voyage
When you turn to the shape of your past
I wonder, dear traveller, yes I wonder…

Where were you?


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