I wish you were here.

We could make up a word together
Endeavour to describe this pain

Crushed + Devastated…
= Devushed?
= Crustated?

Bereft + Defeated…
= Defeft?
= Bereated?

Miserable + Broken…
= Misoken?
= Brorable?

I want to laugh with you about the absurdity of the attempts.

No word is heavy enough
None matches the depth and breadth of emotion
The wholeness of this despair

Shattered is close.

It narrowly misses the emptiness
The loneliness
In a single glass of wine

There is said to be a silver lining

The world fades behind a blurred window
Hairline fissures spreading with speed
As storms gust and batter the glass

I would love to be warm and safe with you.

I’m here.
Silenced among the shards of my fragmented heart.

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