Hold on, it’s here
A shift on the inside
If not listening to myself I’d think it
It’s a turning
Just a little to the left
And it’s true, I admit it
I’ve been known to spin round and round
Back to where I started
This time
I won’t
I’ll move forward
Or upward
Somehow I’ll maintain the momentum
Maintain the intention
Because if I don’t…
Then what.
Then I’m here
When I look for myself
Here’s where I’ll find me
Thrashing around
Looking for something to make me move, so now that I’ve shifted-
I need to hold on
Movements requiring stability
Hold and surrender the knowing
Because I can’t know
I don’t know
So much beyond my control
Can I love that?
I can breathe that
And if I can breathe, I’m still alive
Still here
Or maybe there, a little to the right.

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